Industries We Serve

At Gautam Consultancy Ltd, we understand that Every Industry works differently and has different requirements. Hence, we cater to Each Industry differently – our insightful Recruitment team looks beyond the Job Description; they take into account- the specific industry’s Compliance standards, the organization’s attitude, and several other factors while sourcing Teammates for our clients.

Our Clients have always been a great source of inspiration for us; we believe in and stand by their brand and industry values. When interacting on behalf of the client we ensure to carry forward the same culture, “When we work with you, we think Like You”. mindset

1. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Having the right Teammates is the key for any organization to achieve the highest productivity and efficiency, thus, to recruit competent professionals BPO businesses utilize Experts like Gautam Consultancy Ltd, who have profound experience in the field and can cater to the needs.

# Greater Operational Flexibility

# Lowers Costs

# Increased Efficiency

# Ability to focus on your core business functions

2. KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing

KPO Industry requires specialized knowledge and expert Resources and they usually encounter a shortage of skilled professionals on staff. We are apt at providing resources with advanced degrees, in-depth knowledge, and relevant expertise required for your specialized area.

#No outage of skilled professionals
#Highly skilled resources at a modest cost.
#Control - Reduce staff to cut costs or rapidly hire Expert staff to boost the revenue, you have the control.

3. Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic demand for E-commerce has become insatiable. E-commerce businesses have greatly benefitted by Outsourcing their Recruitment to Service providers like Gautam Consultancy Ltd.

#Saves time & Money
#Affordable workforce expansion
#Increase revenue by up-selling and cross-selling on Products.
#More Flexibility & Higher Productivity
#Optimizing business management

4. Engineering Industry

Partnering with a smart platform like ours helps in bringing software development projects to life faster than ever, and generates immense value for your Organization. Never run short of manpower ever again.

# Speed up development
# Easy access to niche expertise
# Optimizes project costs

5. BFSI - Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Outsourcing Recruitment for BFSI businesses is highly cost-effective and saves time. Keeping up with the legislative changes can be a hassle for BFSI institutes, so we ensure to keep our clients compliant with government bodies. Our team is well-equipped with processes like Accounting, Supply Chain Management and we consider ourselves to be the best bookkeeping Resource Provider.

#Accuracy and accountability
#Proactive Approach
#Speed- Timely reporting

6. FMCG - Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCF) businesses often must rely on Recruiters like us to help them find the right talent, which gives them a competitive advantage. We offer you the needed support in terms of manpower so that you can concentrate on crucial functions like manufacturing, procurement, sales, and distribution.

# More talent pools
# Better profit margins
# Improved hiring metrics

7. Health Care Industry

With an ever-increasing demand for Healthcare Services, it’s important for healthcare professionals to concentrate completely on their core responsibility i.e., giving patients the care, they deserve. You give time to the patients in need while we take care of your recruitment needs.

#Cost-Effective Solutions
#Focus on your Patients
#Great Patient /Customer Experience

8. Hospitality Industry

In the hotel and travel industry outsourcing Recruitment is a common practice and can be very advantageous. We provide tourism & hospitality companies with access to tailored staffing solutions that help not only in cost reduction; it also improves efficiency while delivering exceptional service for tourists, guests, and customers.

#Save on staffing costs
# Diversify Your Workplace
# Enhance efficiency and Gain Competitive Advantage
# Improved Data Security

9. IT – Information Technology

We help IT Businesses to effectively deliver and cater to IT-Related Job Positions. We are apt at finding top-flight candidates, and when it comes to finding resources for IT Businesses, we are no match.

#Seamless access to Subject matter experts
#Access to Global Resources
#Lower operational and overall cost

10. Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Businesses outsource Recruitment to decrease expenses to free up capital for growth. We provide our clients with access to cost-effective yet very efficient labor and hence save our clients a lot of capital.

#On-time Service delivery
# Security & Confidentiality
#Access to More Capabilities
# Lower Real Estate and Plant Costs

11. Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharma industry has seen significant growth in the last few years and due to this, it is moving towards innovative providers like Gautam Consultancy Ltd to simplify recruitment needs. Our pool of resources consists of Specialized job roles, such as laboratory technicians, microbiologists, certified pharmacists, etc.

# Quality Hiring
# Specialist Recruitment
#Cost Reduction
#Better agility and scalability

12. Real Estate Industry

Recruitment Outsourcing for Commercial Real Estate is becoming extremely popular. We serve your diverse set of needs, fulfill your Manpower requirements, take care safety concerns, and simplify your accounts and administration.

# Simplify Accounts & Administration
# Increase Efficiency by concentrating on core functions
# Reduce expenses

13. Retail Industry

Finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Retail industry due to its never-ending need for manpower. We make connecting with and recruiting the right candidates seem like a walk in the park.

# Broader & Effective Talent Search
# Reduced Recruiting Costs
# Reduced time-to-hire

14. Telecommunication Industry

The Telecom industry is one of the industries with the highest attrition ratios due to which they must hire a significant amount of people all the time. We assure a Positive Candidate Experience as our skilled and experienced recruiters are equipped enough to filter any candidate who might be looking for a stop-gap-arrangement.

#Quality Candidates
#Flexibility & Scalability
#Shorter Hiring Timeline

We at Gautam Consultancy Ltd not just Offer but Promise you a “More positive candidate experience”, “Improved Hiring Metrix”, “Positive Candidate experience”, and “Rapid Hiring”. It’s time to take some workload off your shoulders.